Registration & Equipment

Refund Policy

We understand that the demands of life vary from registration time until the end of the season. All WRMF Programs include a $50 non-refundable fee once a player is registered. After the release of equipment, there is a $100 non-refundable fee. Refund eligibility begins once all WRMF equipment is returned to the Equipment Lock-Up or to the Equipment Director. The date of equipment return determines the amount of refund, according to individual Program policies below.

Notification of Withdrawal From Program: Once a player has chosen to voluntarily withdraw, Team Manager must be notified by email; the Treasurer (; the Equipment Director ( and the Registrar (, must be carbon copied (cc’d) on the email.

If more than 2 weeks pass between the notification of quitting, and the return of equipment, NO refund will be applicable. Furthermore the parents/guardians listed on the registration form will be billed for the equipment at full replacement value. If/when the equipment is returned after that point, the bill will be credited in full.

A refund will be issued once all equipment has been returned, and confirmation of the returned equipment has been received by the Treasurer by the Equipment Director.

Changes in contact information: It is the Player/Parent/Guardian’s responsibility to update any changes in contact information to the Registrar by email.


This is a fall program and runs from July until November. 

Refund eligibility:

  • Once registration is submitted; registration fee less $50 admin fee
  • After equipment has been picked up and until August 2; registration fee less $150
  • August 2 to before first game; 50% of registration fee 
  • After first game; no refunds for ANY REASON including injury


This is a spring Program and runs from March until July/August. All players are required to pay in full at the time of registration; any cuts will result in a refund minus a $100 NON-REFUNDABLE try-out fee.  

Refund eligibility:
• Once registration is submitted; registration fee less $50 admin fee
• If player is cut; registration fee minus $100
• Equipment distribution to on or before April 30th; registration fee less $150
• April 30th to prior to 1st game; 50% of registration fee
• Once the games have begun; no refunds FOR ANY REASON including injury


After registration and until first game: Full refund less $25 administration charge

After games have started: NO REFUND for any reason