2020 Flag Football Arrival and Departure Protocols

Plan for Entering and Exiting Bridgeport SportsField

The diagram below outlines the mandatory flow of players, parents and coaches for entering and exiting both Field A and Field B at Bridgeport Sportsfield.
Please note the there are MANDATORY CHECK-IN STATIONS for both Field A and Field B.
In order to run a successful flag program we reply on 100% compliance with all protocols from everyone.

Please follow this plan as well as the COVID-19 Safety Protocols for Players, Coaches, Spectators and Officials

Arrival Procedure

Forms to Complete & Contact Tracing

1. Mandatory Check In

There will be 2 MANDATORY check-in tables clearly marked, set up at the entrance to Field A and Field B.
Registered participants, coaches and volunteers will be emailed check in location details and instructed that they must complete
a) Informed Consent Form 
b) Declaration of Compliance 
c) Tracing Sheet

We will have 3 – 4 personnel (wearing masks) at the check in tables to process the pre-screening questionnaires and tracing sheets.
Each participant will remain socially distant (2m) while waiting to check-in.
Any player, coach or official with positive answers on the Covid-19 pre-screening will not be allowed to participate.
Anyone that is experiencing symptoms, a temperature of 100 or above or have come into contact with someone who is sick must not be present at the field.

Forms and tracing sheets will be collected and filed according to date, by our designated flag football director.

Players and coaches will not be permitted to enter the playing area until the teams that played before them have exited the playing area.

2. Mandatory hand sanitizing upon arrival

After checking in and completing required forms, all participants will sanitize their hands before heading to designated field.

Limited Spectators
We will limit the number of spectators at the field location by strongly recommending only 1 spectator per player in attendance.
All spectators will be required to follow distancing rules on the sidelines.

Exit Procedure

Each player will wait for clearance from their coach before exiting the field.
Coaches will lead their players off the field immediately after games have ended, avoiding all post game socializing on the field.
Once each teams game has concluded the teams must exit the area promptly on the opposite side of the field to where they entered.
Mandatory Hand Sanitizing Upon Departure
Players will sanitize their hands at their field’s Sanitizing Station prior to exiting.
Players will remain socially distant (2m) while awaiting their parent/guardian to pick them up.
**NO PLAYERS will intermingle with other players or volunteers outside of their cohort.